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  Lady's day out at the spa

Child's artwork

     Football Celebration

      Child's artwork

​​​​​​​​How do i order my Copy Kids Art 

  1.  Select and upload the image of your child's artwork from your computer, smartphone, iphone OR send a scanned copy of the artwork via email to glasart2@verizon.net. Please give us a brief description of your child's art work. Example: features, colors, child's signature (optional) and story behind the picture.If we have any questions, we will get in touch with you.
  2. When you have completed our form, press Submit.  

Family Portrait

Child's artwork

Glass Art Studios Childrens Paintings

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​Take your child’s original drawing off the refrigerator and turn it into a one of a kind oil painting. CopyKidsArt’s TM technique of hand painting with oils on glass will beautifully preserve your child’s artwork for years to come.

This Unique gift is a perfect gift for Mom, Dad, grandparents and relatives.

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