Gingerbread Pupcakes

ingredients: Whole wheat

flour, egg, honey, molasses

cinnamon, vegetable oil,

ginger, baking soda and 

baking powder

Box of 4 $ 25.00 add a candle, hat and plate for$ 32.00 .

Her name is Penny. She came from a Shelter in California. She was scared , neglected and  just wanted to be safe in a loving home. We were so excited to bring her home and make her fresh healthy treats . As time went on we got​ more creative. Family and Friends asked us to make treats for their Dogs. Since then we have made dog favors for Weddings , Baby showers , Dog birthday parties etc.....

Peanut Butter Fire Hydrants

4 dozen a bag for $25.00

Miss Penny

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​GLASS  ART STUDIOS 


Healthy Dog Bones

  • Gingerbread
  • Wheat Germ Carob
  • Peanut butter Carob
  • Milk & Honey          * ​​Shapes vary 

​​4 dozen a bag $18.00​​

What a perfect way to celebrate your pups birthday!

Only $32.00 for Our Birthday Box!

To Place an order or just inquire about   treats email or text  Sandy at  781-572-7101

Shipping cost range from $7.00, $14.00 and $19.00              

All our treats are freshly baked and can be frozen. There will be instructions on each package. 

​​Miss Penny's Dog Treats

 We take orders a least 1 week ahead of time. 

We do not have a store front so call or text


     BABY SHOWER      

Hello Kitty  People Cake Pops!

For  a special friend .